Each ContentProvider possesses a Criteria string property which is set by an editor via the PersonalizationEngine interface and can be used within the GetContent method to specify a search term or more granular content method of retrieval. For example, the default PagesWithPageNameContentProvider uses the Criteria property to specify the page name search criteria which is used within the FindPagesWithCriteria method.

If your ContentProvider has no need for an editor specified Criteria, then you can either specify
The ICriteriaModel defines a way for developers to specify the user interface element that should be used by the editor to input the Criteria for each ContentProvider. Ultimately this will be a string, but it could be entered via any type of HTML element, such as a dropdown list or simple input textbox.

This is achieved by using the MVC framework GetEditorFor() template helper.

Create a strongly typed model

Create a View Model for display - place it in the Views / Edit /

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